We Love Our Lake

The team at ‘Loving Our Lake’ got together local lake lovers to share their love for Llyn Padarn on film.

“We wanted to capture the essence of the project. This is a community-based project and we wanted to shout about how committed the people of Llanberis are to Llyn Padarn,” says Dr Emma Edwards-Jones, ‘Loving our Lake’ Project Manager.

The project is looking for people to join in the fun and be filmed showing their support. “We are hoping everyone who enjoys or uses the lake will want to be part of a longer film. Just email me to express your interest and our filmmaker Ray will pop out to capture a clip of you ‘Loving our Lake,” says Emma.

It is hoped everyone will want to watch and share the film with their friends and family. When the film is shared, the ‘Loving our Lake’ message reaches more of the local community.

‘Loving our Lake’ encourages Llanberis residents and businesses to make two simple changes to their behaviour to show their love for the lake. You can love our lake by: switching to a phosphate-free dishwasher detergent and emptying your septic tank every 1–2 years. More information can be found online; click here for residents and businesses.

Many thanks to Surf-Lines, Bangor University ODA students, Eleanor Edwards-Jones, Zoë & Ruby Wood, Padarn Lake Railway and all the folk who attended the ‘Rubbish Paddle, Swim & Walk’ event. If you want to join-in the fun and show your support for Llyn Padarn by being added to the film, then get in touch with