Sign the Loving our Lake Pledge

Businesses in the Llanberis valley are being asked to sign the ‘Loving our Lake Pledge’ and protect the future of Llyn Padarn.

“We consulted the Llanberis Development Group on 15 May, explained our project and asked for their support. The first businesses have now signed the ‘Loving our Lake Pledge’,” says Dr Emma Edwards-Jones, ‘Loving our Lake’ Project Manager.

The ‘Loving our Lake Pledge’ asks businesses to commit to ensuring their activities do not knowingly harm Llyn Padarn. Businesses who sign the pledge are committed to changing to ecologically friendly cleaning products, especially phosphate free dishwasher detergent, to being sewer aware, and to not disposing of any items down the toilet or sink that might cause a blockage.

Gallt y Glyn, Llanberis Bike Hire, The Heights and Mount Pleasant are the first businesses to sign the pledge. “It is great to have our first ‘Loving our Lake Pledge’ businesses on board. We know that simple changes, especially switching to a phosphate free dishwasher detergent, make a big difference to the lake,” says Emma.

Click here to sign the ‘Loving our Lake Pledge’.

More information is available on the ‘Loving out Lake’ Facebook Community Page ‘llynpadarn’ where residents and businesses in the Llanberis valley can ‘Like’ the project.

The ‘Loving our Lake’ project has been developed and is delivered by Snowdonia-Active, a social enterprise based in Caban, Brynrefail. It has the backing of Environment Agency Wales and is supported by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water.