Christmas Present

An unusual gift was given to the staff at First Hydro Company, the pump storage hydro electric business, based in Llanberis, this Christmas. The company was sharing their love for Llyn Padarn by giving a gift of Ecover washing up liquid as part of their staff Christmas present. This washing-up liquid is provided in support of the ‘Loving our Lake’ campaign which is asking local residents and businesses to make some simple changes to their day-to-day activities that it hopes will reduce the input of harmful nutrients to the lake.

By asking their staff to wash up by hand, or use phosphate free dishwasher tablets First Hydro Company are helping protect Llyn Padarn for the future. In 2009, the lake suffered from a toxic algal bloom and people were advised to avoid using the lake for much of the summer. The bloom was caused by a combination of weather conditions and nutrients such as phosphorus entering the lake. These nutrients can come from a number of sources including wastewater from households and businesses.

Ecover_FirstHydro_Xmas_web“Most dishwasher tablets contain at least 30% phosphates, by switching to a phosphate free brand such as Ecover, or washing up by hand we can all help to reduce the amount of harmful nutrients in the lake,” said Dr Emma Edwards-Jones , ‘Loving our Lake’ Project Manager. She adds “The good news, especially at Christmas time, is that phosphate free brands are no more expensive per wash than the traditional leading brands, and they work just as well.”

The ‘Loving our Lake’ project has the backing of Environment Agency Wales and is supported by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water. It has been developed and is delivered by Snowdonia-Active, a social enterprise based in Caban, Brynrefail. More information is available online at www.loving-our- This website contains details of how residents and businesses can make simple changes to make a big difference.

Pictured at Llyn Peris are Mike Hickey, the Station’s Manager and Sue McLaren, the QEHS Manager.